Not a VEGAN yet??

How about considering ceasing to be a part of the organised massacre of innocent beings that do not wish to die or commit suicide only in order to satisfy the human palate?

For a meat-eating human, the consumption of meat is part of a meal, but for the particular animal in question, it is the macabre end of its whole life. All inhabitants of the world have the right to live and die naturally. Of course, there must be people who say that they have canines and hence are omnivorous, – well, how about them pouncing upon an animal, killing it by biting it and tearing it apart with their nails and eating it raw, without cooking it or adding flavours?

One of the best and most ‘Karmically rewarding’ resolutions one could make for the new (Gregorian) year would be deciding to NEVER again contribute towards capturing, torturing, brutalising, killing innocent animals or being a part of such a cruel process of buying and consuming gruesome food that is filled with pain, suffering and death.

Remember that whatever the living being, the life force is the same – be it a millionaire, a beggar or a weak animal. The one thing in common between a dead millionaire and a dead chicken or even a dead fly is that both don’t have that ‘thing’ called life in them.

Your today has been shaped by your past Karma, and your future will be based on your present Karma. It is necessary to be wise in making the right choices in life because the choices you make today, will determine your future. Karma is always fair, just and heartlessly severe.

Love animals, experience the way they love you back and feel the divinity in them as well as in you.


The human diet is evolving. People all over the world are realising the truth behind all the ad campaigns by the meat, poultry and the dairy industries. Humans are the only beings that continue the habit of drinking mammary milk into adulthood, and even that from another species. If people were to give it a serious thought, they will understand how disgusting it is to drink the secretion (which also contains pus) of an animal. Going vegan is the way to great health and a clear conscience. 

There are plant-based options for everything. Soy yoghurt, in fact, tastes better than yoghurt made of bovine milk as it does not have the typical rotting smell of animal tissue and secretions such as pus. I have worked with people who suffered from cancer and from other bone-related diseases, but they were cured simply by turning 100% vegan. 

Dairy products are strictly forbidden for autistic children. What does all this signify? Of course, that bovine milk is not good for human health. A cow’s milk is meant only for her calf and not for other calves or any other beings. Even adult cows don’t drink milk!

Nothing can justify taking away baby animal food or abusing and killing them!

Go Vegan