Photos and Recipes

Vegetarian and vegan foods are not only healthy but they are also very delicious. We like to call ourselves Culinary artists and we love to be as creative as possible in order to make our dishes ‘look’ good.

The first act involved in serving and eating meat products is that of killing a living being. Food is meant to sustain life. Ending one life in order to feed another,  is what carnivorous animals  do. Such animals are born with the necessary natural ‘equipment’ such as large claws or talons, canines and large jaws.

Vegan food is delicious; clean; healthy; non toxic; low in fat and high in fibre; and contain anti-cancer agents. Above all, vegan food is sinless.

The pleasure of preparing tasty and healthy food and then relishing it is simply wonderful.

Bon appétit! Guten Appetit!

भोजनं स्वादिष्टमस्तु!

/bhojanam swaadishtamastu/!


Coming soon- eBook as well as printed books with recipes of three dozen yummy

Vegan Dishes