Some might find this repulsive, offending or shocking. However, the truth is that if you drink bovine milk, you are drinking PUS. An udder infection called mastitis is very common in dairy cows and causes pus to leach into milk. Because dairy milk is pooled together in large tanks, VIRTUALLY ALL DAIRY MILK CONTAINS THIS PUS.

A LITRE OF MILK can have up to 400,000,000 somatic cells (PUS CELLS) before it is considered unfit for people to drink. The common response that people who promote the consumption of animal milk give is that a glass of milk contains only a few drops of pus. That means they admit there is pus in milk. It is like asking someone to drink a glass of water that contains ‘only two drops’ of water taken from a WC!

Even cows and bulls or other animals stop drinking beyond a certain period time of their infancy but adult humans do and also believe that the mammary growth fluid secreted by a female of another species can be good for them! A typical argument of those supporting the consumption of dairy products is that that is what man has been doing since time immemorial. Well, in that case, it makes me wonder why these people who are so keen on following the footsteps of their forefathers used motorised transport, have computers, use communication technology or not hunt animals and not stay in caves?

Please do visit this page TVM VEGAN FILMS and watch the films you will find there. You might want to begin with the film ‘What the health’. Numerous international celebrities have turned vegan after watching this amazing film.

Please remember that the choices you make today will not only affect your life but will also impact the lives of your loved ones, the society, the world and above all, the progress you make in the process of your Karmic evolution. Therefore, think, ask, read and research about whatever you do.


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