Stealing baby food

A video of a certain European man in ochre robes, claiming to be a devotee of Krishna, has been doing its rounds on social media. It is a distasteful video with irresponsible statements and a bag full of lies. The self-styled ‘guru’ in the video, proudly says that he is a ‘veggie vegan’. One is either a vegetarian or a vegan – what on earth is veggie-vegan? The person who is talking this kind of nonsense in the video is from an organised international cult which ‘IS CONning’ the world with their warped Krishna philosophy. It owns dairy farms all over the world including the one in his own country Hungary. They sell milk products at premium prices claiming that their animals are treated well. He proudly claims that he and his people care for animals by feeding them well and getting the bulls in their farm to exercise so that they don’t get too fat! Although he has, as per his claims, taken to Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita, his mind still seems to be infected with Abrahamic ideas that we humans are superior to animals and that God made animals, who don’t have souls, to serve us. By collecting, storing, consuming and selling bovine milk, he is doing nothing but stealing baby food and abusing the babies that the milk was meant for!

People who consume bovine milk and other products made out of the milk, gleefully shared the video on their timelines on Facebook, etc. because the words of the ‘Guru’ sanctified their habit of consuming products made from factory farmed milk. What is disturbing is that although there are hundreds of useful and informative videos on the internet, people usually tend to choose only those videos in which someone speaks something that agrees with what they think. People like this man claim to know the Bhagavad Gita very well and they preach Krishna consciousness, but what they are really doing is to slyly inject their western philosophical ideas into the minds of the people around the world. After centuries of being under foreign rule, many Indians have developed great admiration but also a servile attitude towards Westerners. It is a shame that they straightaway accept whatever a person from the West utters, even if it is plain rubbish. The way some people from the West sell their ideas about Krishna and Vedic spirituality to us Indian Sanatanis, is like an African trying to teach an Eskimo what ice is or a snake teaching a bird how to fly.

The truth is that a female mammal produces milk for its own babies and not for those belonging to another species. The milk she produces is not even for young ones born to other females belonging to their own species. Her milk has been specially designed by nature in order to help in the growth of her babies. Cow’s milk has four times more calcium than that found in human milk. That is because a small calf that grows into a large animal with a large skeleton, four times faster than human babies do, needs it. Why should human babies drink cow’s milk if it is not necessary for them to grow that fast? It is a well known fact that no other species other than humans, continues to drink milk after weaning and even into adulthood, more so the milk from another species.

Here are some nutritional facts:

Cow’s milk        Protein   3.3g/100g of whole milk   Calcium 120g/100g

Human milk      Protein   1.2g/100g of whole milk   Calcium   34g/100g

By the way, rat’s milk contains a lot of protein – 11.8g/100g. You want more protein? Huh?

It can be clearly seen that the protein and calcium contents in cow’s milk are much higher than in human milk. This high calcium content in cow’s milk is required for the rapid physical growth of a calf.  A human baby usually takes about 24 weeks to double its weight and a cow takes only seven. Human babies need calcium for the development of their brain whereas calves need calcium to make them bigger and stronger.

Healthy human babies average around 4 Kg at birth and are usually weaned when they are around one to one and a half years old. It is important to note that by the time calves are weaned, they are eight times heavier than what they weighed at birth. It is like a two-year-old child weighing 32 Kg!

Cow’s milk contains about three times the amount of protein than human milk. This creates metabolic disturbances in humans causing detrimental bone health consequences. It is true that children have faster growth when they have cow’s milk but it has been proven that the high calcium content in cow’s milk does not strengthen bones but on the contrary, causes Osteoporosis.  Milk acidifies the body pH, which in turn starts a process of biological correction. Calcium, which is stored in the bones, is good at neutralising acid and it is used to neutralise the natural effect of acidifying that milk has. This diverting of the calcium for a different purpose causes a deficit in calcium in the body that is required for the strengthening of the bones. Once the biological correction of the pH level is done, the calcium is sent out of the body as waste matter. The end result is calcium shortage due to drinking cow’s milk.

Dairy products also contain casein, which is a carcinogen. Milk protein promotes the growth or both normal as well as cancer cells. It also increases the proliferation of prostate cancer cells. Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders), who are given Casein Free Diets are known to have shown dramatic reduction in autistic behaviour. A thorough study of this subject should help clear tonnes of rubbish pumped into the heads of people through the media by giants of the multi-billion dollar food and healthcare industries.

Human diet has evolved over centuries. Many civilisations from different climate zones have tried out different kinds of diets and have settled for the ones that suited them the most. People of some civilisations drink camel milk and donkey milk too. Humans evolve through rationally guided trial and error. Veganism is a step further in the evolution of human diet.

Bhagavan Krishna, who is also known by the name Gopala, which literally means ‘protector of cows’, is believed to have loved cows and enjoyed consuming their milk and butter made out of milk. It is because of this reason that Krishna movements and cults praise the consuming of bovine milk. Consuming milk products has been a part of Indian and many other cultures. However, as time went by, the production of milk was industrialised and its control was held by a few major multinational organisations. Dairy lobbying grew stronger and stronger with every passing day and so did criminals too who invented new methods to benefit from the mass brainwashing of people through the media that the dairy industry has been so lavishly financing. There have been innumerable cases of adulterated milk and other such chemically concocted potions being sold as bovine milk. Even if the milk is not adulterated, how sure can the consumer be about what the cow, whose milk they drink, was fed? The safest way is to stay away from consuming meat or any kind of secretion that comes from animals. The man in the ‘Veggie-vegan’ video talks about ‘Ahimsa’ milk! calf-mA baby calf is deprived of its mother’s milk and they call it ‘Ahimsa’! It is nothing but an egregious violation of the natural rights of a baby animal. The claim of selling ‘Ahimsa’ milk is like a butcher selling ‘Ahimsa meat’, telling his customers that he doesn’t slaughter animals but convinces them to ‘happily’ commit suicide in order to donate their meat to hungry humans! This is ridiculous! A simple Google search on ‘Ahimsa milk’ can help those interested in finding out more on this ‘religious’ way to exploit animals.

Think of what doctors usually tell patients when they have health problems, particularly stomach disorders. The first thing they tell them to do is to stay away from bovine milk and other related products.  The American Medical Association has recently issued a policy statement on plant-based foods.

There are numerous cases of disease reversals through plant based diets and avoiding dairy. I have personally worked with people with advanced cancer, who recovered by giving up dairy and all kinds of animal proteins; and adhering strictly to plant based diets. Humans are basically designed to be herbivorous and frugivorous’ and like all other mammals, need mother’s milk only when they are babies and not when they are adults! When cows and bulls don’t drink a mama cow’s milk – why should humans?

It would be advisable for everyone to research and study this subject in order to find out what is best for them and for their children. Don’t get carried away by such funny videos posted by people with vested interests. Ask questions, read, analyse, talk to people and make sure that whatever you send down your food pipe is clean, healthy and sinless. It is a question of your health, your life and of your Karmic evolution after all.

Jai Shri Krishna

Watch this crisp video by ‘Mercy for Animals’ of Dr. Milton Mills explaining facts about the dangers of consuming animal products, and exploding popular myths spread by the food and healthcare industries.

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Disclaimer: The author is not a medical professional. This post is meant to serve as an eye opener for people who have been misled by the packaged foods industry, the dairy industry, the meat and poultry industries, and the media.

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